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Success: Spelled A-X-I-O-M

October 10, 2008

Here is an e-mail regarding the latest success an axiom award has brought one of our spotlighted authors, Evan Rosen: 

Since The Culture of Collaboration by Evan Rosen received a gold medal in the Axiom Business Book Awards, things have been going really well for the title.

I thought you might be interested that the book will be featured on the premiere of CNBC’s 5-part series “Collaboration Now.” The show premieres this Sunday, Oct. 12 at 8 p.m. EST and will re-air at 1 a.m. You can read the author’s blog post about the show at:

We’re going back to press with the title, and we’re printing the gold medal on the jacket.

Thank you! 

Be sure to check it out!


The Culture of Collaboration

July 8, 2008


Collaboration – According to author Evan Rosen, this is the key to unlocking immeasurable achievement in the world of business. Lucky for us, his book, The Culture of Collaboration: Maximizing Time, Talent and Tools to Create Value in the Global Economy, can tell us how to obtain this collaborative status and reap the benefits.


A gold medal winner in the International Business/Globalization category, The Culture of Collaboration is not a book for casual reading. However, if you are committed to mastering the art of collaboration, it can guide you through every aspect. Whether it is dealing with the changing trends of business or the basic cultural elements that enable collaboration, Rosen is able to offer insight on every situation. Using the country’s most effective examples of collaboration within the workplace, such as the Mayo Clinic, the book demonstrates how the whole truly can be greater than the sum of its parts.




Here is what Katherine Hirzel of Red Ape Publishing had to say about The Culture of Collaboration after winning an Axiom medal:


“Sales of The Culture of Collaboration by Evan Rosen tripled after the book received a gold medal in the 2008 Axiom Business Book Awards.


Also, after the award, the book received several excellent reviews, including a review in The Washington Times that mentions the Axiom Business Book Awards. The book also received an awesome review in Communication World.  Also, a Russian language edition of the book will be published by Ecom publishers in Moscow later this year, and Red Ape Publishing is currently negotiating other foreign rights deals. The author is currently writing a spin-off book. Clearly, the gold medal in the 2008 Axiom Business Book Awards has made a huge difference for this title!  Thank You!”