An Ethical Light in a Darkening Business World


In an era where the line between right and wrong grows ever more intangible, Marianne Jennings is here to set us straight. In her book, The Seven Signs of Ethical Collapse, Jennings draws upon her lifelong pursuit of understanding ethics in the corporate world to help readers understand and prevent ethical collapse.  Seven Signs is both a tool for saving your own company from moral demise as well as a guidebook through the ethical undertones of business in a modern world.


Jennings is currently a professor at Arizona State University where she shares her knowledge of business ethics and the legal environment of the business world. In addition to her latest novel, she is the author of six textbooks and a variety of other business novels including A Business Tale: A Story of Ethics, Choices, Success, and a Very Large Rabbit and Building Business Through Good Times and Bad: Lessons from Fifteen Companies, Each With a Century of Dividends. Her articles have been included in some of the nation’s most well known periodicals, such as the Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, and The New York Times.

The Seven Signs of Ethical Collapse by Marianne Jennings, J.D. was the gold medal winner in the Business Ethics Category. Learn more about Jennings by visiting her website.  



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